Benefits of Multani mitti on face

You all heard about the thing called Multani mitti. May be from your mother, Grandparents. Remember, when you are sad about your face skin and want to purchase cosmetics. They tell about the Multani mitti. But you may never take that seriously. Because you were running for the cosmetic found in shops, advertise you saw on tv. You are just running for those products.

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But believe me, now all are running for natural items. May be purchasing costly products because they contain natural ingredients. And also trying different natural raw products which you have heard in childhood or reading somewhere.

Like this Multani mitti is one of the best natural product for skincare. It really makes the skin very much better. It is still better then the costly products you seeing in the market. And it’s cost is nothing. Very much low. And using the Multani mitti is very easy. You can use it directly on your skin just by mixing it with rose water, milk, etc. It really has many benefits. And before using it know about all the benefits of Multani mitti here only. Just go through the complete article.

Benefits of Multani mitti on face
Benefits of Multani mitti on face

Multani mitti for oily skin

Our skin is getting worse day by day. One of the major reason for this problem is pollution. Pollution is increasing day by day very rapidly. Because of this pollution, we are facing so much problem in our day to day life. Many things are getting lost from the environment.

The cause of the oil in the face is sebum. It is an oily substance produced in the face, which makes the face oily. It gets produced from the sebaceous glands in the face. But this sebum is essential for the skin to protect itself from the pollution.

But over the release of the sebum got accumulated on the skin. Which looks the skin dull and unhygienic. And also block the openings of the pores on the skin, which results in the development of the acne and also may swell occur.

Here Multani mitti does an awesome work by observing the access sebum and prevent clogging. Like this, it prevents the skin from excess sebum. And makes the skin more soft, clean, and clearer. And using this regularly helps in keeping the skin safe from acne and other skin problems.

For dry skin

After the excess production of sebum. There is also a problem if the production of sebum becomes very less. Very less production of sebum caused to more danger with environmental pollution. This makes the skin very much dry. Dry skin causes eczema and dullness.

Here also the role of Multani mitti is very good. Multani mitti contains the calcium which makes the skin more moisture and saves the skin from dangerous harmful sun rays. Applying Multani mitti with milk by making it a paste makes the skin much hydrated and also looks very much nourished.

For scrubbing

Scrubbing is very necessary for the face for removing the dead cells completely. As all the cell in our body got die within a certain duration. And new cells takes place in the place of dead cells. This happens with every cell in our body. Now some times it may happen that the dead cells get attached to the skin it doesn’t fall off completely. And makes the skin dull and unfresh.

Here Multani mitti works in two ways, Multani mitti contains the iron which makes the regeneration of the skin cells way faster. By Increasing the faster circulation of blood. And scrubbing with the Multani mitti can remove the dead cells completely from the skin. For making the scrub we need to add Multani mitti in roughly grounded walnuts, sugar granules. You can scrub the face with this for getting nice skin in a few minutes.

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