Can the coffee diet really helps with weight loss- is it safe or not?

As you all must have been aware of that consumption of too much coffee is not good for our health not only coffee. But any excessive thing is not good for our health now whatever it is whether it is an exercise or it is food or alcohol or it is medicine and even if it chocolate also. Consumption of anything for a long term condition is not good for human health.

So today we are going to discuss the COFFEE that exactly what it is? why it is so popular? From when people started to drink coffee? how it’s useful and harmful for us?

And how it helps a person to lose his or her weight by consumption of coffee?

Can the coffee diet really helps with weight loss- is it safe or not?
Can the coffee diet really helps with weight loss- is it safe or not?

Why coffee is so famous and why people drink coffee? What is present in the coffee?

It is estimated that 2.25billion cups of coffee are consumed each day in the whole world. New Yorkers drink 7 times more than the other U.S city, therefore, it seems that there’s a Starbucks on every corner of Manhattan.

Coffee is so famous because of its high level of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients and also due to its healthiness. According to the study, it is observed that Coffee drinkers acquire a great immunity power so that they have a much lower risk of catching a disease or infection. Therefore it’s so famous.

Coffee may reduce the liver disease also by 70% People drink coffee to energize themselves and due to the presence of Caffeine in Coffee people drinks it. Because Caffeine is the most popular drug in the world and 90% of the U.S people consume Caffeine every day in any form. Caffeine acts as a CNS stimulator. It stimulates the function of CNS. The most effective change can be noticed when it goes up to brain the alertness of people gets activated rapidly. People immediately feels more awake and less tired. It can provide relaxation from drowsiness, headaches, and migraines.

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what is the effect of Caffeine in our body? and does long term coffee consumption is good for health or not?

Moderate coffee drinking is not harmful. According to the study it has been said that the deadly dose of Caffeine for people is about 10grams(this varies from person to person).

According to the FDA 600 milligrams of Caffeine or if a person consumes at least 7 cups of coffee then it is enough for a person to have Caffeine overdosed which can lead to him towards death. So Caffeine can kill people. If the immunity of a person is poor and having any type of health problems and besides he consumes Caffeine it may make the health worse.

Does coffee help to burn fat and helps in weight loss?

Coffee increases the human body metabolic rate and helps to increase the fat burning capacity of the body. But after a certain period of time and regular consumption of coffee human body start enduring the effects of coffee. But if coffee doesn’t make you put out more calories due to the endurance of the body there is still a possibility that it blunts the appetite and makes you eat less.

There is one myth people believe that ‘consumption of coffee can help in weight loss and people think the logic behind this that in coffee the Caffeine is present and the Caffeine helps in the suppression of the hunger and acts as a metabolism booster.’

But the fact behind this is that drinking coffee may suppress the appetite for a particular time or just for few minutes and if you drink a couple of cups a day it may not help or show any huge change in the weight loss, its effect is not sufficient enough to help you lose weight.

By consuming a black coffee in the morning or in the afternoon can hasten your weight loss by giving a boost of caffeine that suppresses hunger and also coffee stimulates Thermogenesis, which heats up the body and increases metabolism.

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