How to get thick hair fast naturally

How to get thick hair fast naturally
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There may be few people who got perfect hair naturally by Birth, from genes. But maximum of us suffer from hair problems like thin hair. As it is not a problem but thin hair leads to hair fall and other things.

We all want to have beautiful hair. So here in this article, I have given some mind-blowing tips and strategies by which you can have beautiful thick hair.

So if you really wish to have beautiful thick hairs. Then go through this article completely and I will suggest you follow the things given below.

How to get thick hair fast naturally
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How to get thick hair fast naturally

1. Take good food

Now you may think hairs property comes from genes then how it’s depending upon the food. Yes, it’s right hairs category depends upon genes but food needed for better expression of the genes.

For thick hairs, you should take fat in a good amount with protein. because protein is also so essential. It all said by famous beauticians.

It’s suggested to have salmon, avocados, nuts, vegetables, and fruit etc for better hairs.

Here is the list of food you can try:-

  • Eggs
  • Berries
  • Spinach
  • Fatty Fish
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Avocados

It is the best food list which will really be helpful for you hairs to be thick.

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2. Perfect shampoo and conditioner

Good shampoo and conditioner are very much essential for your hair. Before explaining more I suggest using Dry shampoo.

It is really not possible to spend lots of money taking care of hairs. So here right shampoo and conditioner give a really better option.

If you can’t choose a better shampoo then it can lead to more hair fall and may cause very much harm to the scalp.

You need to spray the dry shampoo in your roots of the hairs. And then massage it nicely. Which will give you thicker and beautiful hairs.

3. Don’t do over wash of your hairs

After hearing about shampoo don’t start washing your hairs again and again. Because you’re overtaking care may result in more damage to your hairs.

If you do over wash of your hairs then it can damage the scalp of your head. which will lead to more damage of your hairs.

The scalp contains very much essential nutrients which are very much necessary for your hair. They help in hair growth and also in thicking of the hair. And If you have a very good scalp that will also help in stopping hair fall.

4. Always cut your hairs

It’s better to keep your hairs to the shoulder only. Very much long hair leads to hair fall because of the to much weight in the base. So it suggested that keep your hair short so that you didn’t lose your hairs and also your hairs stay thick.

If your hairs are thin you must keep your hairs short because of the roots get heavyweight because of the length of the hair. So keep your thin hairs which will not put much pressure on the hair root. Which will lead to less hair fall.

5. Need to invest some in the hair thinning products

If you are have not too good hairs from your gene then you will really need to Invest some in your hairs. But before investing in your hair it’s better to know about the product you will use. And try to get some genuine review of the product.

There are many good shampoos, cream are there for your hair and good products can be some cost but if you can afford then that will show the result.

6. Hair growth tablets

Tablets? Yes, Tablet. But I will not tell you to have any tablet that you saw on facebook, or in insta.

I am talking about the good and trusted brands products. And doctor prescription is very necessary because they can assist to have the right tablets.

Tablet is having the necessary nutrients which your hairs need.

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