How to increase Hair density with foods only

How to increase Hair density with foods only
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Healthy, Thick, Shiny hairs who doesn’t like? and want to increase hair density? I think we all like that very much. Because this type of hair makes us look more beautiful. So it’s normal that we all want to look beautiful.

Hair is the thing we all men/women like to have without hair we never imagine our selves. There may be some people who didn’t care about that at all but as you came to read this article then let me assume that you like hairs.

Now we like hairs but can we take care of them nicely? I know it’s become a tough job to maintain our hairs nicely. Although from our childhood our parents, grandparents talk about this I think we no one really cares about that at that moment. And when we know about the importance of hairs at that time we had lost the time.

There are many factors like affecting but age, genetics, all these factors are like this we can’t change or modify easily if we want also. So there are other factors which in our hand we can take care of them to enhance our hair growth. And also for healthy and beautiful hairs.

How to increase Hair density with foods only
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How to increase Hair density with foods only

Here I have collected some Useful ways for Good Hair density.

1. Eggs

The hair follicles are made by protein. So for the betterment of the hair, I think protein is much necessary. So we need to give protein to our body.

Eggs are one of the most protein-rich food. other then protein eggs also contains Biotin. And these are the component which may promote hair growth.

Biotin plays an indirect role in hair growth. it helps in developing the protein named as keratin. so for the people with biotin deficiency, research has found that it helps in the growth of hair.

But it is sufficient biotin present in a balanced diet.

Other than these eggs also contain other things like zinc and other nutrients which are beneficial for hair growth.

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2. Spinach

This are small green vegetable rich in Iron, Vitamin A, and C. which are very much essential for the hair growth.

Spinach is very good for vitamin A. Only about 30gm of it give 54% of Vitamin A of your daily needs.

3. Fatty fish

I think you all enough know-how Omega 3 is important for our body. Omega 3 also helps in hair growth.

Some fatty fishes link Salmon, herring is very much loaded with nutrients which are very much helpful for our hair growth. And these fishes are very much rich Omega 3. as they are antioxidant so reduces hair loss.

But there are not more studies on Omega 3 and Hair growth. Only some studies had done. So for More confirmation, they have to do more studies.

4. Beans

Vegetarians how don’t want to consume non-veg. Them it is the ultimate source of protein.

Beans are so rich in protein, other the protein they also contain zink, biotin, iron, and many other nutrients.

As they aid the hair growth and repair cycle. even 100gm of black beans provides 7% of the daily needs of zinc.

And they are truly versatile and inexpensive which makes them more beneficial.

5. Meat

Now after vegetarian food here comes the favorite food for non-veg. It is rich in many nutrients which are very much useful for hair growth. Not only growth it also helps in repair and strengthens of hair.
Only about 100gm of cooked food can provide approx 29gm of protein.

Particularly the red meat is rich in one type of iron which is easy to observe and this helps red blood cells to deliver oxygen to the whole body.

6. Mango

Here it is the only food in the list which helps to increase Hair density.

This Tasty, colorful food which we all like very much is highly rich in silica. Which is a fiber and helps in hair growth.

It also Contains Silica, vitamins A, B6, and C, folate. and try to have mango as much as possible. take daily as an amount of 2 slices.

Above there are some important foods which really can help your hair growth, hair repair, etc. But please noted that this all is theory-based and the items are not harmful then also you can consult a doctor for more clarification or security.

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