How to remove pimples overnight fast

Pimples are very irritating. Everybody hate pimples so much that they want to remove pimple overnight. But we know we can’t get rid of this dirty pimples so fast. But here In this blog, you will find some very good ways or methods to remove pimple as fast as possible.

Here we have given really very good and effective tips to remove pimples. So you can once go through all the tips.

Pimples occur when the pores in your skin get blocked by dirt, dead cell, or bacteria. They pass oil from these pores. When these pores get blocked because of any unwanted substances then the pimple occurs on that place.

How to remove pimples overnight fast
How to remove pimples overnight fast

Here are some effective things to do for getting rid of pimples.

1. Toothpaste

You may have already seen many people use toothpaste to get rid of the pimples. Toothpaste is really very effective and working. You can try toothpaste for a good result.

You can directly use the paste on your skin with cotton. It is better if you use toothpaste at night while sleeping. In the morning you may saw your pimple has vanished.

Toothpaste works because of it’s antibacterial and dries out the whole pimple. Toothpaste reduces the healing time of the pimple. Like this, it helps in damaging the pimples. And you can use this method to remove pimples not only from the face, But You can also use it in the body, legs, etc.

2. Aloe vera

It is a natural product. You may saw or use many products made by aloe vera. It is really very good for the. And also very effective in many things. It has many benefits.

For using aloe vera you need to take out the gel from the leaves. Its leaves contain the gel. After removing the gel from the leaves you need to make it paste then directly apply it on the affected area. You can use this with other pimple treatment. After using other treatment you can use aloe vera on above the other treatments. Try to keep the gel as long as possible. Repeat this with a regular interval.

Aloe vera is antibacterial. Works upon to treat the bacteria. Also helps in inflammation and healing. As there are not many studies to prove the effect of aloe vera on pimples but till now it has found that it really works well on the pimples.

3. Apply green tea

Green tea also works good on pimples.

First,you should stair green tea on boiling water. Then use that water on the skin with cotton. You should keep this for as much as long as possible or you can keep it overnight. It will be much better. Try to repeat it again and again.

Green tea contains tannins and flavonoids. Which helps in fighting inflammation and bacteria. Which causes pimples. You can get some products made of Green tea. But you can easily make it at home and the homemade product is really good.

4. Use essential oils

There are some essential oils which are good for inflation and antibacterial.

As there are many types of essential oils are found but in general, you mix water 9 times as per the oil you take. Mix nicely then simply apply the mixture with cotton. And keep this fo sufficient time. repeat this with regular interval.

Some essential oils you can us cinnamon, rose, lavender, and clove these are very good in fighting with bacteria. And works well upon pimples.

Things don’t do

1. Don’t pick your face

We get habitual of picking nose. But it said that this is not good for pimples.

2. Don’t over-dry the skin

It is also bad for your skin. It may cause the pimple to grow. Because of much use of chemical can result in damage to the skin.

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