What are the side effects of masturbation in details

Masturbation is a very huge topic to discuss. There are many issues related to masturbation like it is good, or it’s bad. Does this masturbation really have side effects?

Here in this article, you will find a very details discussion about the side effects of masturbation.

Masturbation is just stimulation the genitals of individuals for their sexual pleasure. And for that orgasm is not necessary.

It has found that men and women both are doing this masturbation. And not an only young age group. Old age group also enjoy this.

From studies, it has found that about 70% and 48%, Males and Females masturbate in the age group of 14-17. And in older 57-64 age group Males and Females masturbate about 63% and 32%.

Masturbation can be done for many reasons like sexual pleasure, enjoyment, pressure, tension, etc And masturbation is really good for releasing stress.

What are the side effects of masturbation in details
What are the side effects of masturbation in details

Side effects of masturbation

It is seen that masturbation does not harm your health really. But other than this for masturbation, you may find problems like disturb in concentration, laziness or tiredness. And if you are doing masturbation very frequently then you may see some swelling in your private part for men.


If you really follow your religion. You may find saying masturbation is not good. It does not accept religion. It is a sin etc

But medically it does nothing. It really doesn’t have any effect on your body. If you can control your frequency of masturbation then it is very good. For your mantel and physical health.

If you are a hardcore follower of your religion. You are truly religious. And you are afraid of what you are doing. And what will be the consequences of it? Then must visit a doctor for consultation or you can discuss with the friend who is really mature and understand these matters.

No more sexually sensitivity

It is found that if are doing masturbation very roughly. With a tight grip and by any such technique. then you may face some problems like decreasing in sexual sensitivity.

By the way, it is not a major problem. Because you can easily overcome this problem just by changing your technique.

Also found that using a vibrator or other sex toys increase sexual ability. In women, it is seen that there is an improvement in lubrication and sexual function. And in male, there is an improvement in erectile function.

Addiction of masturbation

Any good thing also remains good till it did not become over. Same also in this case.

Masturbation is not bad but there are high chances of becoming habitual of it. You may masturbate too frequent that you miss other works. Then it will really cause problems.

Because of very frequent masturbation, you may not feel good to do other works. You may always feel tired. And it may affect your relationship.

If you are already addicted to it then without doing more late consult to doctor. And try to find a solution for it. And addiction to masturbation is a serious issue.

Prostate cancer

It is a great dilemma that did masturbation really effect on prostate cancer? Masturbation increases the chances of prostate cancer or decreases. Still, it is not known with 100% accuracy. Because there is a lack of studies on this.

But it is found that those who masturbate 5 times in a week they are much safe from prostate cancer those who did less. It was found from a study in 2003.

It doesn’t have much clear conclusion. How this happens but it said that frequent masturbation may prevent the cause of developing cancer.

But from another study, it was found that those who are very active in sexual activities in there 20s to 30s. They have high chances of developing prostate cancer.

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